Introducing Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.11

January 29, 2024 by
Introducing Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.11
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium - January 29, 2024

Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.11 continues its journey of innovation in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design. This release builds upon the success of IPKISS Canvas, introduced in Luceda 3.10, and brings improvements to your design experience, particularly for schematic-driven layout and verification of your designs. We have also revamped Luceda Academy, which is now a unified learning platform equipped with all the resources to guide you in successfully building PICs. 

IPKISS Canvas: Intuitive schematic capture to code

Just a few months after the introduction of IPKISS Canvas, the graphical co-pilot for PIC design, Luceda 3.11 introduces important quality-of-life improvements to enhance the Canvas user experience. Check out the new navigation modes, or the drag-and-drop functionality for your libraries and PDKs. Transform your PIC design ideas into layout by capturing schematics, using one of the many supported Luceda PDKs. 

Have you not upgraded yet? This is your chance to enhance your design flow with IPKISS Canvas! 

Luceda Academy 2.0: A unified learning hub

Getting started with IPKISS and accessing learning resources has never been easier. Luceda Academy has undergone a big transformation, becoming a unified learning hub where you can access all learning resources, from application examples and tutorials, to guides and API reference documentation. The new intuitive search engine will make it easy to discover new features, explore IPKISS functionality and find the right tutorial for your design needs. 

Surf to or open Luceda Academy directly from your Luceda Control Center to start learning! 

Routing improvements

Of course, we have not forgotten to bring you continuous improvements in your PIC layout experience. Luceda 3.11 introduces exciting new features to enhance routing capabilities and reduce the implementation time of your PIC layouts. You can now draw Manhattan connectors with specified fixed bends, which comes especially handy for platforms such as thin-film lithium niobate (TLFN) and III-V. Try it out with one of the many Luceda PDKs! 

For those tackling complex electrical routing, Luceda 3.11 introduces automated VIA placement for electrical connectors, simplifying multi-layer routing implementation. 

Performance improvements and Python 3.11 

Performance improvements and the transition to Python 3.11 have made layout visualization quicker than ever, ensuring fast design iterations

Don’t miss the chance to explore Luceda’s latest features and the new Luceda Academy learning platform. Head over to your Luceda Customer Portal and download the latest Luceda 3.11!   


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