Luceda PDK for AMF 4.0 for Telecom, Datacom, and LiDAR is now available

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Luceda PDK for AMF 4.0 for Telecom, Datacom, and LiDAR is now available
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium – 19 January 2024

Luceda Photonics has released the Luceda PDK for AMF, version 4.0. This PDK introduces three specialized PDKs tailored for Telecom & Metro, Data Center, and LiDAR applications. This release grants AMF and Luceda’s customers access to an expanded library featuring 110 unique and verified devices across three key technology platforms for customized runs and Multi-Project Wafer applications. 

The solid-state LiDAR PDK is particularly worthy of note, as it introduces a novel promising approach to enhance Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and Time of Flight (ToF) solutions for compact, accurate, and fast LiDAR devices. This brand-new technology showcases an advanced 2D optical phased array (OPA) within the LiDAR device package, inclusive of OPA emitters, MMI tree, phase shifters, and balanced photodiodes (receivers).

This release also brings significant improvements to the AMF component library, all available in the Luceda PDK for AMF. These include: 

  • A new modulator with options showcasing a remarkable 30% improvement in efficiency. 

  • High-speed photodetectors with bandwidths of 89 GHz and 78 GHz, featuring the introduction of the new compact 80 GBaud photodetector. 

  • High-speed micro-ring modulator. 

  • Avalanche photodetector (APD). 

In addition, the dedicated 800 nm silicon nitride PDK has been updated to feature new key devices optimized for O-band and C-band applications, such as 1D grating coupler, 1x2 MMI, 2x2 MMI and Inverse Taper as well as crossing and thermal-optics phase shifter catered to C-band applications. 

The Luceda Photonics Design Platform is a powerful PIC design platform that enables integrated photonics engineers to design and automate across all levels of the photonics design flow, starting from component-level design all the way to the final circuit layout, circuit simulation, and design verification. Luceda’s flagship product, Luceda IPKISS, offers a variety of features such as schematic-driven layout (SDL), layout-versus-schematic (LVS), semi-automated routing, functional verification and more.

Embark on your design journey with Luceda IPKISS – reach out to us and design successful PICs with Luceda and AMF! For more information and to access the PDK, click below. 


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Luceda Photonics is a leading provider of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design software and services. The Luceda Photonics Design Platform enables designers to design, simulate, and optimize photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and empowers photonic designers to quickly achieve their tape-out, getting their designs right the first time. For more information, visit   

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