Link for Dassault Systèmes Simulia

Enhance your physical simulation flow with the Link for Dassault Systèmes Simulia. Define your layouts and simulation recipes in IPKISS, and run them in CST Studio Suite (FDTD).





Device simulation in CST Studio Suite


S-Matrix extraction


IPKISS Circuit Simulation

About this module

Setting up physical simulations of photonic devices with the correct settings can be a struggle even for the most experienced designers. And what about translating your layouts back and forth between your preferred physical simulation tools and IPKISS? 

With the Luceda Photonics Design Platform you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Your components rely on a single, central definition for a smooth transition between the different design stages such as layout, physical and circuit simulation.

Define your layouts and simulation recipes in IPKISS, and run them in 3DS Simulia CST Studio Suite (FDTD).

PIC designer benefits

  • Manage the complete design flow from one single place, including physical simulations with a third-party tool.

  • Minimize design errors by controlling your layouts directly at the source

  • Leverage the IPKISS 3D virtual fabrication to create a 3D model of your designs based on the correct FAB process and technology information.

  • Integrate the simulation results into IPKISS circuit models and link them to your layouts automatically.

  • Take advantage of the IPKISS Python-based design flow to optimize your designs and generate parameter sweeps.

Application examples

This module works within the Luceda Photonics Design Platform

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