Link for Siemens EDA

Discover the power of Luceda IPKISS in a GUI and activate your IP inside L-Edit and L-Edit Photonics by Siemens EDA.

Drag and drop your IPKISS PCells, perform optical and electrical routing and prepare for tape-out.



Luceda Photonics Design Platform


Version control & Team collaboration


Library export to OpenAccess


Use in L-Edit Photonics

About this module

The Link for Siemens EDA plugs into the Luceda Photonics Design Platform and enables you to export parametric cells to the GUI of L-Edit and L-Edit Photonics by Siemens EDA.

The IPKISS – L-Edit Photonics design flow combines the best of both worlds. Specialized photonic components require a scripted approach with version and quality control to handle the complexity and the need for customization. These specialized components are designed within a component library built on top of a PDK technology.

IPKISS is well-suited for the design of specialized components and library IP management. It provides the quality backbone of IP generation. Export your IPKISS libraries to OpenAccess and deploy them in L-Edit Photonics, where you finalize your designs through optical and electrical routing, final design assembly, mask preparation and design verification.

PIC designer benefits

  • Complement the power of Luceda IPKISS with the features of L-Edit and L-Edit Photonics.

  • Create and manage your parametric design libraries with IPKISS' code-based approach.

  • Enhance your team collaboration with shared common libraries and version control.

  • Drag and drop IPKISS parametric cells and deploy your IP libraries inside L-Edit.

  • Benefit from a validated design flow that provides access to more than 20 foundry PDKs.

Application examples

This module works within the Luceda Photonics Design Platform

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