Introducing Luceda 3.10: Redefine your PIC design flow

September 13, 2023 by
Introducing Luceda 3.10: Redefine your PIC design flow
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium - September 13, 2023

Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.10 introduces IPKISS Canvas, your new graphical co-pilot for PIC design! 

Using IPKISS Canvas, you can now analyze your circuits in a schematic environment, enabling you to focus on crucial aspects such as connectivity and functional verification. You can also use Canvas to generate fresh ideas on an abstract level before diving into layout implementation, or to enhance communication around your design process. The choice is yours. 

That’s not all! We have introduced ConnectElectrical, a new dedicated electrical connector to easily route your electro-optical circuits and devices. We have also added support for multi-layer electrical netlist extraction so that you can easily verify the correct implementation of your complex layouts.  

Thanks to significant performance improvements, layout visualization is quicker than ever and you can now iterate your designs faster. Go try it out!

Meet IPKISS Canvas

Picture this: a canvas where your new and existing designs come to life, and that reveals critical errors that go unnoticed during layout inspection. Before taping out, export your circuit to Canvas to focus on crucial aspects such as connectivity and functional verification of the correct parameters. Furthermore, you can annotate the designs you’ve built with essential information, such as waveguide lengths, losses, and more. 

But it doesn’t stop here: IPKISS Canvas helps transform your PIC design ideas into a layout. With IPKISS Canvas, you can kickstart your design flow by capturing schematics: select one of our supported PDKs, explore the components at your disposal, drag-and-drop them onto the canvas, and start creating your circuit. Once your circuit is complete in IPKISS Canvas, you can seamlessly transition back to code to finalize the layout, inspect the circuit simulations and prepare your PIC design for tape-out. 

IPKISS Canvas enhances communication throughout your design process. You can share the complex design details with fellow designers, team leads, system experts, and technology specialists using the schematic Canvas environment. From PDK foundry components to your custom-designed cells, circuit parameters, annotations, and connectivity checks - visualizing your photonic integrated circuits becomes intuitive. 

If this is the start of your journey into code-based PIC design, IPKISS Canvas serves as your design co-pilot accelerating the journey into creating your first code-based PIC. It empowers anyone to drag and drop PDK and library components and give shape to their ideas in a graphical environment, to then translate them seamlessly into code. Even if you are a coding expert, you can leverage IPKISS Canvas for interactive visualization of your progress and to discover useful device information, such as port names and parameters. 

What are you waiting for? Head over to your Luceda Customer Portal and download the latest Luceda 3.10! IPKISS Canvas is available to all, included in your existing IPKISS subscription.  


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