Luceda Photonics and Luxtelligence release new PDK for Luxtelligence’s TFLN platform

January 26, 2024 by
Luceda Photonics and Luxtelligence release new PDK for Luxtelligence’s TFLN platform
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium and Lausanne, Switzerland – 26 January 2024

Luceda Photonics and Luxtelligence are proud to announce the release of the Luceda PDK for Luxtelligence. This marks the start of a promising collaboration, aimed at providing photonic integrated circuit (PIC) designers with access to Luxtelligence’s revolutionary deep-etch LiNbO3 technology through the Luceda Photonics Design Platform.

In recent years, thin film lithium niobate (TFLN) has emerged as a leading platform for next-generation integrated photonics. Leveraging its exceptional optical properties, such as large electro-optic coefficient and second-order nonlinearity, wide transparency window (400 nm to 5 um), and low nonlinear absorption, TFLN has enabled high performance active integrated photonic devices, unlocking applications for integrated photonics in telecommunications, optical frequency combs, and quantum technologies.

The collaboration between Luceda Photonics and Luxtelligence offers designers and researchers access to Luxtelligence’s patented and scalable etching technology for TFLN waveguide fabrication. This technology ensures extremely accurate dimensional control (40 nm tolerance) with losses lower than 20 dB/m and 3dB electro-optic bandwidth higher than 40 GHz.

"The release of the Luceda PDK for Luxtelligence marks an important milestone in unlocking new applications based on Luxtelligence’s novel deep-etch TFLN technology and Luceda’s expertise in PIC design enablement. Luceda is glad to partner with Luxtelligence to make breakthroughs in this advanced technology", said Pieter Dumon, CTO at Luceda Photonics.
Mohammad Bereyhi, CEO at Luxtelligence, adds "Our innovative etching technique combines precision and scalability, thus a prototype can be manufactured in volume on our TFLN platform without compromising its performance. In collaboration with Luceda, we are extremely excited to launch a free-access TFLN PDK, which we believe will lower the entry barrier to working with this revolutionary technology."

The Luceda PDK for Luxtelligence contains passive and active components with circuit models, featuring optimized waveguide bends, splitters, fiber couplers, and a high-speed Mach-Zehnder modulator. In addition, the PDK includes a chip frame to facilitate correct placement of optical and electrical inputs and outputs, enabling easy testing of the fabricated chips.

Tape out using the new PDK for the upcoming MPW runs at Luxtelligence:

  • LXT-LN003: 19 February 2024

  • LXT-LN004: 13 May 2024

  • LXT-LN005: 9 September 2024

The Luceda PDK for Luxtelligence is now available for download directly on Luxtelligence and Luceda Photonics’ websites. To get more info and download the Luceda PDK for Luxtelligence click the links below.



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Luxtelligence is an open-access pure-play foundry based on a patented proprietary fabrication technology for thin film lithium niobate (TFLN). Luxtelligence offers foundry services for multi-project wafers as well as custom runs. For more information visit

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