IPKISS 3.8 release: IP Manager is here!

May 3, 2022 by
IPKISS 3.8 release: IP Manager is here!
Luceda Photonics

With the new IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.8, Luceda Photonics is bringing to you IPKISS IP Manager, an IPKISS module that enables design teams to manage, test and validate photonic IP libraries. In addition, with this release we are introducing a new exciting layout feature, such as waveguide bundle routing, as well as improved functions for the analysis of optical transmission spectra.

Meet the new IPKISS IP Manager

Is your design team scaling up and are you looking for a way to manage your IP in a structured way? Do you feel that design iterations are slowing down or risk to become error-prone?

IPKISS IP Manager enables your design team to grow with confidence. IP Manager helps avoid costly mistakes by testing and validating photonic IP building blocks in various conditions during the design phase, such as layout, connectivity and simulation. This leads to a lower design iteration time and improved knowledge sharing and retention, empowering your team to keep fabricating high-quality PICs and reduce the time to market.

IPKISS 3.8: Layout and analysis improvements

This release adds the capability of creating bundled connectors with very little code.

In addition, IPKISS' spectra analysis functionalities have been consolidated by introducing the Spectrum Analyzer function to conveniently perform the analysis of optical transmission spectra.

Try it out

Interested in learning how IPKISS IP Manager can support your design team to automate your design flow? Check out the Luceda Academy tutorial and contact us for a free evaluation.


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