IPKISS IP Manager supports photonic design teams to further improve design quality, reduce iteration time and enhance team collaboration by implementing automated testing and validation for your photonic design IP.



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About this module

The IPKISS IP Manager is an IPKISS module that supports photonic design teams to manage, test and validate photonic IP design libraries.

IP Manager tests and validates photonic IP building blocks in various conditions during the design phase, such as

  • Layout tests (GDSII, XML)

  • Netlist tests (layout vs. netlist, netlist vs. netlist)

  • S-Matrix tests

  • Device performance tests (figures of merit)

  • Virtual fabrication tests

By setting up regression test coverage on a design IP library or process design kit (PDK), design teams create a controlled workflow in which changes to devices, circuits, and underlying algorithms can be caught automatically.

PIC design team benefits

  • Enhance your team collaboration with shared common libraries and version control.

  • Manage your parametric design libraries with IPKISS' code-based approach.

  • Define custom quality tests for continuous validation in layout and simulation.

  • Reduce your design iteration time and your time to market.

  • Enhance knowledge sharing and retention.

Application examples

This module works within the IPKISS Photonics Design Platform

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