Software engineer (BE)

Luceda Photonics is looking for a software engineer to join our team in Dendermonde, Belgium.

We offer a very diverse job which ranges from developing algorithms, GUI's designing API's to devops. You'll be part of strong, ambitious team.


Your role

As a software developer you will

- Define, design and build highly technical software
- Participate in continuous improvement of software architecture and development processes
- Create quality assurance, increase test coverage and create delivery infrastructure 
- Assist application engineers in supporting the customer 
- Build customer driven prototypes

Your profile

You have a good understanding of software engineering.  We expect you think along on improving the software architecture, development processes, QA and delivery infrastructure.  You like to take a project from the start to the end, delivering quality software to customers and you know what it takes to do that.

You're not afraid of starting from an existing codebase. We expect you to have a hands-on attitude and to not be afraid of engaging one-to-one with customers or partners. However, you don't like to lose track of the overall picture and you ask questions about why and how we do things.


- You are passionate about building quality software that solves problems
- You know software engineering best practices and are always looking to improve
- We expect you can use common software development tools like IDE, version control, continuous integration systems, etc.
- You have great analytical skills and like to solve problems
- A big part of our product is python, so good Python knowledge is a strong plus
- Experience with both Windows and Linux is a plus
- You have an interest in physics and the semiconductor industry
- You ask questions about why and how we do thing

What we offer

- The opportunity to work on the intersection of many exiting high-tech engineering fields and learn about them
- The flexibility of working in a small-sized company
- The opportunity to interact with customers on their use cases


Does this sound like something for you, or do you have some questions?
Reach out to use to us by sending an e-mail to