Webinar: Integrated photonics technologies for LiDAR

February 15, 2022 by
Webinar: Integrated photonics technologies for LiDAR
Luceda Photonics

LiDAR is a fascinating technology spanning across multiple application fields. Discover what the future of integrated technologies for LiDAR has in store in this webinar featuring experts in the field.

You will get an overview of the LiDAR market, the key industry players and the fabrication and design challenges for LiDAR integrated circuits from experts in the field. Luceda will then demonstrate the design of an Optical Phased Array (OPA) for LiDAR based on the IPKISS PDK for SiEPIC Shuksan.

Date & Time


24 February 2022

19:00  Europe/Brussels
10AM  US/Pacific

Online on ZoomEnglishREGISTER
24 February 202219:30  Asia/ShanghaiOnline on TencentChineseREGISTER


Sarp Kerman
Chief Executive Officer at Xsilight

Amin Abbasi
Business Development Manager at imec

Chiara Alessandri
Product Marketing Manager at Luceda Photonics

Jiejun Lu
Application Engineer at Luceda China

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