Luceda Photonics joins the Netherlands-Flanders Economic Mission to the USA for Global Semiconductor Collaboration

December 1, 2023 by
Luceda Photonics joins the Netherlands-Flanders Economic Mission to the USA for Global Semiconductor Collaboration
Luceda Photonics

We are proud to announce Luceda Photonics' participation in the Netherlands-Flanders Economic Mission to the United States, which will take place in Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California, from December 3 to 8.

The mission, led by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, the Minister-President of Flanders, Jan Jambon, and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands, Micky Adriaansens, focuses on strengthening European and American ecosystems in the semiconductor sector.

Semiconductors, integral to today's technological landscape, form the backbone of innovations in computers, smartphones, automobiles, drones, and more. Recognizing the transformative impact of this technology, both the US and the EU have intensified their investments in the semiconductor sector under the US CHIPS Act and the European Chips Act. 

The Netherlands and Flanders, already home to significant contributors in the global semiconductor ecosystem, aim to further solidify their positions as hubs of innovation and progress. In pursuit of this mission, they have been actively engaging with the United States, a crucial partner, to advance semiconductor technology. The innovation hubs of Arizona and Silicon Valley play key roles in U.S. semiconductor advancements, providing Flemish and Dutch companies with many opportunities to share knowledge and establish meaningful partnerships. 

Luceda's CEO, Erwin De Baetselier will be joining the group of partners on this mission, including IMEC, ASML, ASM, Melexis, NXP, and around 50 other key players, in a collaborative effort to enhance the semiconductor cluster's capabilities in Phoenix, Arizona and Silicon Valley, California. The Arizona leg of the mission will focus on strengthening the capabilities of the Phoenix cluster, both in quality and quantity, and how to work together to overcome workforce and talent challenges. In California, the next steps in innovation-oriented partnerships will be worked on. 

As the semiconductor industry operates on a global scale, the joint economic mission emphasizes openness and collaboration with other nations. The collaborative efforts of us, alongside other esteemed partners, underscore a dedication to sustainable solutions and the promotion of innovation and partnerships in the global semiconductor value chain. Aligning with this vision, we look forward to leveraging this opportunity to accelerate innovation, seize emerging opportunities, and contribute to the advancement of the semiconductor industry on a global scale. 

If you would like to learn more about the Luceda Photonics, and how it contributes to this global semiconductor value chain, feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below. 

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