Luceda Photonics and Spark Photonics Partner to Boost Presence for North American Customers

January 31, 2023 by
Luceda Photonics and Spark Photonics Partner to Boost Presence for North American Customers
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium and Boston, USA – Luceda Photonics, a world leader in design software and services for photonic integrated circuits (PICs), today announced a partnership with Spark Photonics that will extend and enhance the level of support and services for customers in North America.

Spark Photonics, a well-known independent U.S.-based firm providing PIC design services, will become an official partner of Luceda Photonics in North America, where Spark Photonics will enhance the support of Luceda Photonics’ design software. Customers will benefit from end-to-end PIC design enablement on Luceda Photonics’ design software products, including best-in-class technical support and PIC design services provided by Spark Photonics.

“R&D teams will be able to adopt integrated photonics technology by combining design services and in-house design on Luceda’s design platform, leveraging the combined expertise of Luceda and Spark,” said Dr. Erwin De Baetselier, CEO of Luceda Photonics. “This partnership will allow us to keep serving our growing North American customer base and expanding our presence worldwide.”

"Bringing together PIC design software and PIC design services in a customer-centric model delivers a unique value proposition,” said Dr. Kevin McComber, CEO of Spark Photonics. “We very much look forward to working with Luceda Photonics to provide this offering to the North American integrated photonics ecosystem.”

The partnership is a natural fit for Luceda Photonics and Spark Photonics, as both are highly accomplished in supplying leading products and services to the photonics industry. By using Luceda’s products for delivering PIC design services, Spark Photonics has cultivated a comprehensive knowledge of Luceda’s Photonics Design Platform, which will benefit all users of Luceda’s platform in North America.

“Our company has had the opportunity to work with both Luceda Photonics and Spark Photonics, and I am delighted that this partnership will make it even easier for us to set up and own an optimized, well-structured PIC design flow. I look forward to seeing the positive impact this confluence of PIC design services and software will have on our business,” said Dr. Vivek Raghunathan, CTO of Xscape Photonics.

“As applied researchers, we focus on innovations that can be scaled to larger volumes. We have been using Luceda’s software to create numerous integrated photonics designs, both simple and complex. We are excited about the partnership between Luceda Photonics and Spark Photonics, a U.S. company,” said Dr. Juejun (JJ) Hu, the John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. “Both companies are well-integrated in the U.S. photonics ecosystem; our experience is that both support academic institutions with great care and can enable a path to scale for our innovations.”

"This partnership is an exciting development for the global PIC design ecosystem," said Dr. Jose Pozo, CTO of Optica. "The combination of Luceda's design software and Spark's design services will drive the development of integrated photonics technology, enabling customers to benefit from a comprehensive and efficient design process."

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