Luceda Photonics and Aluvia Photonics Release new PDK for Aluvia’s Al2O3 Platform

July 25, 2023 by
Luceda Photonics and Aluvia Photonics Release new PDK for Aluvia’s Al2O3 Platform
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium and Enschede, Netherlands – 25 July 2023

Luceda Photonics is pleased to announce its collaboration with Aluvia Photonics, the world’s first Al2O3 foundry for integrated photonics applications. This collaboration offers designers an advanced Process Design Kit (PDK) within the Luceda Photonics Design Platform, enabling access to the upcoming Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs at Aluvia Photonics. 

Integrated photonics has been revolutionizing various industries, and the emergence of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) as a promising material has further expanded the possibilities in this field. With its exceptional properties, including a broad transparency window down to the ultraviolet and low propagation losses, aluminium oxide opens up new application possibilities, such as on-chip ion trapping.

The partnership between Luceda Photonics and Aluvia Photonics aims to provide designers and researchers with access to Aluvia’s Al2O3-based photonic technology. By offering a comprehensive PDK in the Luceda Photonics Design Platform, customers can now leverage Luceda’s wide range of design tools to design their integrated photonic circuits and take full advantage of Aluvia Photonics' upcoming MPW runs. This collaboration solidifies Luceda's position as a leading provider of foundry PDK access, further empowering designers in their pursuit of innovative photonic designs. 

“We are excited to partner with Aluvia Photonics to offer a comprehensive Photonic Design Kit for alumina-based integrated photonics," said Pieter Dumon, CTO of Luceda Photonics. “This collaboration enables our customers to access and leverage this new technology, offering a broad wavelength range and unlocking a whole world of new applications.”
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Luceda Photonics to develop our PDK and offer designers an integrated solution for designing Al2O3-based photonic circuits,” said Sonia Garcia Blanco, CEO of Aluvia Photonics. “By combining Luceda Photonics' design ecosystem with our cutting-edge Al2O3 technology, we aim to inspire customers to drive innovation and achieve new breakthroughs.” 

The Luceda PDK for Aluvia is now available within the Luceda Photonics Design Platform. For more information and to access the PDK, click below. 


The upcoming MPW runs at Aluvia Photonics are scheduled as follows: 

  • MPW2: September 2023 – 450 nm thick Al2O3, for near-infrared (IR) applications

  • MPW3: October 2023 – 62 nm thick Al2O3, for ultraviolet (UV) applications 

For more information about integrated photonics applications for Al2O3, check out our Luceda Academy webinar with Aluvia and ETH Zurich.

About Luceda Photonics

Luceda Photonics is a leading provider of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design software and services. The Luceda Photonics Design Platform enables designers to design, simulate, and optimize photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and empowers photonic designers to quickly achieve their tape-out, getting their designs right the first time. For more information, visit   

About Aluvia Photonics

Aluvia Photonics offers foundry services of photonic integrated circuits (PIC) in the Al2O3 platform to enable applications in the UV. With a strong focus on innovation and customer collaboration, Aluvia Photonics is committed to driving the advancement of integrated photonics technology and enabling transformative applications across various industries. For more information, visit

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