IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.7

October 29, 2021 by
IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.7
Luceda Photonics

At Luceda, our main goal has always been to provide designers with the best tools to design photonic circuits. The new IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.7 brings to you an intuitive and flexible approach to placement and routing of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), perfected from designing countless PICs together with our customers.

Intuitive and flexible PIC Placement & Routing

By using the new IPKISS Circuit class (i3.Circuit), you can tackle large and complex circuits with the same ease as small and simple ones. Start simple and gradually refine your placements and connectors, cutting down the amount of time and iterations needed to achieve your final PIC design. Your connectors can’t be drawn because of layout restrictions? No worries, visualize the path for easy understanding of how to improve them. Do you want to switch from a Manhattan route to an S-Bend the week before tape-out? Simply replace a Manhattan connector with a bend connector and let IPKISS take care of the rest. From component design to circuit level, you will maintain full parametricity for both layout and simulation, enabling you to perform post-layout validations of your photonic circuits to achieve full design integrity.

Gain control over your routes

Yes, you heard that right. With IPKISS 3.7 controlling your Manhattan routes becomes easier than ever. By specifying the vertical and horizontal lines your waveguide has to pass through, you have a more readable and intuitive way of controlling your routing.

Try it out

Interested in learning more about it? Try out the Optical Phased Array tutorial on Luceda Academy to discover the new IPKISS 3.7 capabilities


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