IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.6

13 July 2021
July 13, 2021 by
IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.6
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The IPKISS Photonics Design Platform 3.6 is expanding the capabilities of IPKISS Links with physical simulation tools. The IPKISS Link for Ansys Lumerical now supports S-parameter extraction from Ansys Lumerical Mode (EME solver). If you design photonic devices, such as large structures (e.g. tapers) or short resonant structures, or if you tape-out to low index contrast platforms (e.g. SiN), IPKISS Link with Ansys Lumerical is for you. You can now create simulation recipes for your devices in IPKISS that use the EME solver of Ansys Lumerical MODE.

Setting up physical simulations of photonic devices with the correct settings is very time-consuming and requires a lot of design experience. In addition, continuously translating information on the optimized layout geometry from a physical simulation tool to a layout tool easily causes errors and mismatches between the simulated and the final layouts.

In the IPKISS Photonics Design Platform, components rely on a single, centrally-defined model for a smooth transition between the different design stages such as layout, physical and circuit simulation. Starting from the layout of your component, a 3D model is virtually fabricated based on the FAB process and technology information. This 3D model is physically simulated and the results are then coupled back into a circuit simulation model to simulate the entire circuit in Caphe, IPKISS' built-in circuit simulator.

With IPKISS, the simulation setup is already part of the component model. This way, the simulation know-how can be easily shared within the design team, while being sure that layout and simulation always match.

To make sure that the best trade-off is made between simulation speed, problem size and accuracy, IPKISS offers two IPKISS Links to physical simulation tools:

> IPKISS Link for Ansys Lumerical (FDTD, MODE - EME)
> IPKISS Link for Dassault Systémes Simulia (FDTD)


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