IPKISS PDK for SMART Photonics Gen2 is now available

March 7, 2022 by
IPKISS PDK for SMART Photonics Gen2 is now available
Luceda Photonics

Luceda Photonics has released the new IPKISS PDK for SMART Photonics for SMART Photonics' Gen2 platform. This next generation platform enables:

  • High speed modulation, with modulators beyond 25 GBaud

  • Large scale component integration thanks to the improved electrical isolation between the components on the chip

  • Widely tunable lasers covering up to 75 nm and with narrow linewidths in the order of 100 kHz.

The IPKISS PDK includes all SMART building blocks and circuit models, together with advanced compact models for components such as DC and RF photodetector, DC and RF phase modulators, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA), electro-absorption modulators, and more.

Contact us to receive your IPKISS evaluation license and try out the new features of the SMART Photonics Gen2 PDK.


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