Introducing Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.12

May 7, 2024 by
Introducing Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.12
Luceda Photonics

Dendermonde, Belgium - May 7, 2024

Luceda Photonics Design Platform 3.12 brings to you another round of significant improvements in the design of photonic integrated circuits (PICs). This release includes significant advancements in PIC placement and routing, introducing more features to enable obstacle avoidance and electrical bundle routing, alongside notable additions in tape-out preparation and circuit simulation.

More powerful and simple Placement & Routing

You ask, we deliver! With our upgraded P&R engine, you can create your PIC designs in a simpler, more compact way. The goal is simple: achieve more with less code!

Avoid keep-out areas and easily control electrical and optical routing. Now, all instances come equipped with anchors alongside their ports. These anchors can be referenced during placement and routing, making it simple to define relationships between instances or routes within your circuit. This gives you more power and flexibility to avoid other devices or specific areas of your circuit, all without the need for manual calculations.

Additionally, the new electrical bundle connector further automates the electrical routing processes, enhancing your overall design efficiency. 

Tape-out preparation
Preparing designs for tape-out is a critical and challenging step in the design flow. For this reason, we help designers detecting and addressing potentially costly design errors in an early design stages before they are flagged by the foundries’ design rule check (DRC). We have introduced a new functionality to detect overlapping layers in designs, which is very helpful to detect intersecting waveguides or cladding layers. You can use it in combination with our other tape-out preparation features, such as sharp angle patching, to ensure design integrity prior to tape-out.

Temperature models and better simulation visualization 

With the addition of temperature-dependent circuit simulations and advanced visualization routines for frequency and time domain results, such as eye diagrams, the IPKISS Caphe circuit simulator offers expanded capabilities for design analysis and provides designers with deeper insights into circuit simulation results, empowering them to make informed decisions throughout the design process.

Export to standard 3D formats 
Luceda 3.12 supports the export of the layouts created in IPKISS to a 3D object representation (stl, mtl, obj) using the virtual fabrication settings provided by the foundry. With this feature, designers can now import IPKISS layouts into the preferred software simulation tools for device-level simulation (i.e., for thermal / mechanical simulation), eliminating the need for manual, error-prone replication of designs, thus streamlining the design flow. 

All of these features work with over 30 supported foundry design kits (PDKs, ADKs and TDKs). 

Don’t miss the chance to explore Luceda’s latest features using the tutorials available on Luceda Academy. Head over to your Luceda Customer Portal and download the latest Luceda 3.12!   


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