AWG training with IPKISS and Ligentec
21 May, 2021 by
AWG training with IPKISS and Ligentec
Luceda Photonics

Design manufacturable AWGs with IPKISS and the Ligentec PDK

In this hands-on training, Luceda Photonics and Ligentec will teach you how to design Arrayed Waveguide Gratings (AWGs) from high-level specifications to manufacturable AWG layouts based on the Ligentec technology, using:

Explore design compromises across all stages and generate a manufacturable design with a press-of-the-button flow. Use your final AWG design within the IPKISS Photonics Design Platform to complete the chip design and prepare for tape-out at Ligentec.

The training focuses on AWG design for integrated optical tomography applications based on the IPKISS PDK for Ligentec’s AN150 platform. Each step of the process can be customized to suit specific requirements in terms of layout or simulation.

Win a chance to fabricate your design for free at Ligentec

Do you think you can design the best performing AWG? Do you have a great application in mind? Submit your design by 22 July 2021, and win a chance to get your design fabricated for free at Ligentec*.

Session 1

  22 June 2021, 13:30 (GMT+1)
   Online on Zoom

Session 2

  30 June 2021, 9:30 (GMT+8)
   Luceda China (Shanghai)


Supported by

                  The evaluation of the submitted AWG designs will be performed by a team of experts from Luceda Photonics and Ligentec. The maximum attainable score is composed of:

                  • 50 points - Performance
                    The AWG will be judged based on the performance. The figures of merit considered to assign the score will be relevant to the chosen application.

                  • 50 points - Application
                    The AWG will be judged based on the relevance of the chosen application field.

                  • The submitted design must be made using IPKISS and the IPKISS AWG Designer, together with the IPKISS PDK for Ligentec.

                  • The submitted design must have a valid layout and be DRC-clean.

                  • The design must be returned together with the code used to create it by 22 July 2020 for evaluation.


                  To be eligible for the competition, participants must submit their entries to The submission must be an archive file containing:

                  • Final GDS file of the design.

                  • IPKISS code used to layout and simulate the AWG.

                  • A 300-word text pitching the application field chosen for the designed AWG.


                  The submitted design is owned by Ligentec and Luceda Photonics. The design and the fabricated chip can be used for publications, presentations, papers, etc. under the requirement that Luceda Photonics and Ligentec are explicitly acknowledged, including an explicit mention of how the AWG was designed and where it was fabricated.

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