Save time and wafer runs

We strongly believe that the expert knowledge conveyed by a software tool is of the utmost importance to your organization. In addition our design and fab expertise can save you considerable design time and can enable you to meet tape-out deadlines.

We provide you with customized, advanced and validated components that you can use right from the shelf: Tap into years of experience and worldwide reputation around creation and validation of model libraries, process design kits and general toolboxes sharing device design and optimization best practices.

  • Front-end design: design of (sub)circuits and development of device models
  • Layout: we support you on fab-specific layout implementation for faster turn-around-time.
  • Tape-out: we help you understand and apply fab design rules and get your design as close as possible to tape-out, saving precious time and letting you focus on the design: We supported the tape out of > 300 designs over 10 years.

Offer your technology to your customers or share your design knowledge within your team.

  • Design kit services: Technology file setup, interfaces to electronic (EDA) and photonic (PDA) design automation tech files


Optimize your design flow

When the rubber hits the road, we can help your organization streamline its design flow. The open nature of the IPKISS toolset permits the seamless integration of various 3rd party or even your in-house tools and measurement capabilities. You will gain visibility, repeatability and accuracy of your entire design process.




Expert training for an immediate kickstart. 

Our experts bring you up to speed in the physics and the design of photonic IC’s and in the use of the Luceda software. Consult our training agenda for a training in your area. Contact us for on-demand customized training.

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries