SMART Photonics and Luceda Photonics release a PDK for the IPKISS integrated photonics design flow.

Photonic IC technology is maturing and designers need process design kits as the foundation of their design flow. Process design kits facilitate knowledge transfer between foundries and designers on layout and simulation models.

SMART Photonics is the world's first pure-play foundry for Indium Phosphide (InP) photonic semiconductors and offers foundry services to its customers. The offering starts with very affordable participation on one of the quarterly Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs on InP as low entry to the technology. After this SMART Photonics supports its customers to scale up with dedicated wafer runs and volume production. This allows you to get volume production capability without having the need to invest in the equipment, infrastructure and process development by leveraging SMART’s infrastructure.

IPKISS combines circuit level design and simulation, layout and device CAD in one single quality-controlled PDK.  The PDK can be used from IPKISS.flow and from IPKISS.eda, integrated in the Mentor / Tanner flow. Your organization can now take a big leap forward and create a design flow that is more reliable and scalable and that will enable you to consolidate your knowledge in a fast moving industry.

“By developing the PDK, we have been able to refine our software for the InP technology. As a circuit designer you can forget the hassle of having to combine PDKs from different vendors. You will combine circuit level design and simulation and layout in one single quality-controlled PDK. Our built-in circuit simulator CAPHE will let you simulate and verify your complete design.”,  says Pieter Dumon, CTO of Luceda Photonics.

“The collaboration with Luceda allows users that are familiar with Silicon Photonics design through IPKISS to seamlessly transition parts of their design to Indium Phosphide. This allows optimal hybrid PIC integration taking the best of both Silicon and Indium Phosphide PIC’s ”, according to Luc Augustin, CTO of SMART Photonics.

About SMART Photonics
Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands as of 2012, SMART Photonics is trusted by the world's leading companies, because of its proven track record in InP research, development and production. SMART Photonics is fast growing, and independent pure-play foundry, which means they only make products using designs from their customers and there is no conflict of interest in the market. Indium phosphide chips are proving to be the best choice in many applications ranging from next generation low-power consumption data-centres to a variety of sensing applications for structural monitoring and medical diagnostics. Integrated photonics also plays an increasingly important role in the aircraft industry, air quality monitoring, autonomous driving and ultra-secure cryptography.

About Luceda Photonics
Luceda Photonics wants photonic IC engineers to enjoy the same first-time-right design experience as electronic IC designers. Luceda Photonics’ tools and services are rooted in over 50 years of experience in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design.
The team’s expertise in the development of process design kits (PDK) and the design and validation of photonic integrated circuits is used by many of the top industry R&D teams and research organizations worldwide.


Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries