Photonic Packaging: Transforming Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits into Photonic Devices

From the  Tyndall National Institute, Luceda's PIC packaging partner.

Photonic packaging is perhaps the most significant bottleneck in the development of commercially relevant integrated photonic devices.

Photonic packaging of PICs is significantly more challenging, and currently orders of magnitude more expensive, than electronic
packaging, because it calls for robust micron-level alignment of optical components, precise real-time
temperature control, and often a high degree of vertical and horizontal electrical integration.

IPKISS provides packaging PDKs for the Tyndall process. Designers can now assure that the PIC they design is ready for packaging right from its concept.

Click here to see a demo-movie that introduces IPKISS.eda and the Tyndall Packaging PDK.

Click here to read this interesting article by Dr. Lee Carroll, PIXAPP Technology Manager at Tyndall.

Get the PDK from Luceda.

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries