OFC 2017 – Visit the CST and Luceda Photonics/Mentor Graphics booths 1438 & 1440

21 – 23 March 2017

Meet us to learn more about:

-    The advantages of integrating Smart Physical Simulation models from the CST Studio Suite.
-    IPKISS.eda inside the Mentor Graphics / Tanner design flow for easy yet reliable PIC design.
-    The IPKISS integration with VPIcomponentmaker Photonic Circuits, enabling the layout-aware schematic-driven PIC design.


CST - Dassault Systèmes

The automated link between IPKISS and CST STUDIO SUITE® gives photonic circuit designers direct access to FDTD or FEM generated circuit models using the validated simulation settings set by device engineers. This ensures that models used by circuit designers can easily be regenerated with validated CST STUDIO SUITE simulation settings.

This way, IPKISS keeps models up to date as the component layout, fabrication processes, operating conditions and material models evolve from design to design.


Mentor Graphics – Tanner

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) designers need full control of their design framework to make sure that what they fabricate matches exactly how they designed it. In addition they need to be able to re-use and distribute their design work in a hierarchical framework that saves time and improves reliability.
IPKISS.eda inside L-Edit combines these stringent photonic design demands with the ease of use of a professional yet easy to use EDA environment.


VPI Photonics

The VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits - IPKISS integration enables the layout-aware schematic-driven design of photonic and optoelectronic integrated circuits. This approach greatly simplifies and accelerates the design workflow, providing also an automated export of photonic circuit designs into IPKISS for layout design finalization and mask generation.

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries