New whitepaper on Seamless Integration of Photonic Circuit Simulation and Layout Design

By VPI Photonics and Luceda

Read the whitepaper and learn  from the 2 design examples:


- a design example of a widely tunable laser based on the PDK for an InP-based PIC foundry process by SMART Photonics.

- a design example of an integrated optical buffer based on the PDK for a SiN-based PIC foundry process by LIGENTEC.

For designers that prefer to start working from a graphical schematic capture tool:
VPIcomponentmaker is used to design and simulate the PIC within a complete optical system. IPKISS seamlessly generates the Python based layout
of the circuit for improved yield and reliability

Both VPIcomponentMaker and IPKISS provide PDKs for these processes.

Download the whitepaper

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries