NEW Fraunhofer HHI PDK Now Available for IPKISS 3.3

We are delighted to announce that the Fraunhofer HHI Photonic Indium Phosphide Foundry has joined the family of PDKs available for the Luceda IPKISS design and development platform.

Luceda Photonics' IPKISS 3.3 allows photonic designers to layout, model, simulate and export photonic integrated circuits to GDSII using a single set of validated components, using the powerful and versatile Python scripting language. This streamlined design environment allows the designer to significantly reduce development time and minimise initial investment costs.

The new HHI PDK (Process Design Kit) features a comprehensive array of verified active and passive photonic components, with full developer support from our experienced team. This allows the developer to create a wide variety of photonic circuits with ease and simplicity, significantly reducing the development time.

The PDK is compatible with IPKISS EDA with design rule checking, technology layers, L-Edit integration, circuit examples and many pre-defined components.

An overview of the components included in the PDK are as follows:

•    Three waveguide types, suitable for stronger and weaker guiding
•    Couplers
•    Transitions and crossings
•    Polarization handling
•    PIN photodiodes
•    Phase and amplitude modulators
•    Lasers (DFB, DBR)
•    SOAs
•    Tuneable gratings
•    Spot size converters
•    Active isolations

Go to the complete PDK offering for the IPKISS design platform

Contact us for more information and for a demonstration of the powerful IPKISS design and development platform together with the Franhofer Institute HHI InP process design kit.

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries