New AMF 3.0 process design kit.

OFC – Optical Fiber Communication – 8th March 2020

Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) and Luceda Photonics release new AMF 3.0 process design kit.

The latest process design kit (PDK) from Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) combines silicon and silicon nitride waveguide technologies on a single technology stack, allowing designers to optimize their advanced circuits. The PDK combines a significantly enhanced library of performance proven devices from AMF with support for custom designed components and circuits using IPKISS, shortening time-to-market.

Advanced Photonic IC design teams need process design kits as the foundation of their design flow.
The 3.0 PDK update from AMF comes with major enhancements:

- Silicon and silicon nitride waveguides, designers can now optimize their circuits by combining devices such as state of the art high-speed modulators and photodetectors in silicon combined with low-loss, low sensitivity devices such as WDM functions in silicon nitride.

- The performance-proven device library was significantly expanded and includes high-speed modulators and coverage of both C-band and O-band.

AMF’s Senior Manager for Marketing, Dr.  Franck Ernult  says “with over 50 devices available in the new PDK, our customers can shorten their design cycle and access to the latest technology through AMF MPW shuttle service, and custom silicon photonic platforms

The Luceda AMF 3.0 PDK allows to combine circuit level design and simulation, layout and device CAD from one single quality-controlled PDK.
Using IPKISS, designers can easily combine AMF library devices with custom designed components into one circuit. Layout implementation and verification using circuit simulation can be done from a single environment.  The PDK provides device layouts, simulation models and support for custom device CAD.
The PDK enables also the use of the devices and circuits designed with IPKISS from the Tanner flow by Siemens using a layout-driven or a schematic driven approach. Symbols for S-Edit are provided, enabling both schematic-driven-layout (SDL) as well as simulation using the IPKISS Caphe circuit solver.

“With this PDK release, AMF established one of the most advanced industry silicon photonics platforms.”, says Pieter Dumon, CTO of Luceda Photonics, adding “Our recent IPKISS 3.3 release features a new specification-based placement solver and netlist extraction for easier layout and simulation of circuits. In this way, Luceda even better supports AMF’s exciting technology. Combined with continuous automation and quality control of all of our large range of supported PDKs in silicon, silicon nitride and indium phosphide technologies, we’re taking a big leap forward to create the most flexible, empowering and scalable design flow”.

About Advanced Micro Foundry
Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) is a leading technology provider for Integrated Optic solutions. AMF specializes in customizable prototyping and volume wafer manufacturing services for Silicon Photonics integrated circuits. AMF offers MPW and customizable technology platforms based on Silicon, SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator), SiN (Silicon Nitride) & Germanium materials.

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