Giving the integrated photonics design teams the same powers as the electronics engineers: IP-centric design versus project-centric design

The EDA -world has discovered the advantages of IP-centric design over project-centric design ages ago.

Project-centric design basically designs in silos. In the end, all projects within a company end up using their own set of IP-blocks. Improvements only live within a unique project making reuse, bug-tracking and model improvements inaccessible for the rest of the team.

Times have changed, and PICs are getting larger every day, so taking the right approach will make a big difference. The project-centric approach worked OK for small designs with little IP reuse, however for today’s larger projects you’d be better served with the IP-centric approach that enables hierarchical design, scalability and efficiency.

Proper IP management has become a duty as it is crucial for increasing the value of your business.

IP-centric design is just part of Luceda’s DNA. Do not take our word for it – just read the recent Project-centric Design Process, or IP-centric by Daniel Payne in SEMIWIKI of April 14th 2020

True to the Luceda vision since the start of our company now almost 6 years ago.

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries