CompoundTek and Luceda Photonics release a PDK for the IPKISS integrated photonics design platform.

Singapore, 22 Aug 2019

CompoundTek, a global foundry services leader in emerging silicon photonic (SiPh) solutions recently partnered with Luceda Photonics, a leader in integrated photonics design automation. Together they will expand CompoundTek’s silicon photonics Process Design Kit (PDK) offering to enable Luceda’s IPKISS platform for a global commercial customer base.

Photonic IC technology is maturing fast with designers needing PDKs as the foundation of their design flow. Providing a reliable and scalable design flow, the PDKs additionally facilitate knowledge transfer between foundries and designers on layout and simulation models. The IPKISS platform combines layout, smart physical simulation and circuit level design and simulation, in one single quality-controlled PDK. The PDK can be used from IPKISS.flow, and from IPKISS.eda integrated in the Siemens / Tanner flow, enabling customers to make significant strides forward in creating design flows that are more reliable and scalable.

Pivotal to the consolidation of knowledge in the context of a fast-moving industry, the IPKISS platform is instrumental to producing a scripting environment that covers the complete photonic IC design flow up to measurement feedback for true component validation. This is suited for niche solutions spanning interconnectivity, datacom transceivers, bio-sensing, smart sensors, LiDAR, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.

The IPKISS platform offering is in line with CompoundTek’s vision in driving the adoption of niche SiPh-based applications and in facilitating the commercialisation goals of its global customer base.

“Our strategic partnership with Luceda Photonics leverages CompoundTek’s open manufacturing process platform. Backed by an ecosystem that includes our design partners and foundry, the photonics design automation solution will further accelerate time-to-market in cutting-edge SiPh solutions,” said KS Ang, Chief Operating Officer, CompoundTek.

“The PDK with CompoundTek has been created following demand of some of our most important customers. In adding an influential foundry to our portfolio, we open new design opportunities to mature yet innovative design teams,” added Pieter Dumon, Chief Technology Officer, Luceda Photonics.

CompoundTek will be hosting technology showcase at Booth #3 in IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 28 to 30 Aug 2019, Singapore while Luceda Photonics will be conducting the PDK showcase in Booth #4.


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