CETC38 releases the first IPKISS PDK for the IMECAS silicon photonic platform.

The Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Science -IMECAS- silicon photonic platform is an 8-inch CMOS compatible process, using a 220nm SOI substrate, with a 180 nm minimum line width.

The platform is the first wafer-level silicon photonic fabrication platform in China. The MPW service covers passive devices and heaters: three levels of deep silicon etching (220nm, 70nm, 150nm) and a TiN heater technology. The platform can be used for PIC design and fabrication for various applications.

IMECAS’ MPW service is operated by the Silicon Photonics Platform (“SPP”), and has carried out three runs in 2017. SPP was established by the CETC38 Optoelectronic Integration Research Center. The team provides silicon photonics fabrication and custom design services to worldwide scientific research institutions and enterprises.

The PDK developed by SPP has now been updated to v1.2 and includes design manuals, DRC script, and device libraries and samples. SPP has now completed the development of a package based on Luceda Photonics’ integrated photonics design software, IPKISS, and has released the latest version of PDK to its MPW users.

The package provides process technology settings and descriptions, layer definitions, device libraries based on the IMECAS technology. It includes library components that are built with compact models for circuit-level simulation. More compact model will be added in subsequent versions of the IPKISS PDK.


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