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From our partner CUDOS - Australia RMIT University, partnering with Luceda Photonics, has launched a comprehensive toolset of electromagnetic simulators for photonic devices, called REME. Click here for more information on REME inside IPKISS Click here for the official message from CUDOSRead more
7 – 8 March 2017, Brussels Join Luceda Photonics and Mentor Graphics / Tanner at our booth. Learn all about new our products and applications: - IPKISS.eda integrated in Tanner L-Edit by Mentor Graphics for easy to use, professional photonic and electronics design. - Filter toolbox for IPKISS: An...Read more
Simple model for ring resonators backscatter by Joaquin Matres and Wayne V. Sorin, Hewlett Packard Labs, 1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, Optics Express , Vol. 25, Issue 4 , pp. 3242-3251, (2017) Waveguide backscatter affects the resonance shape and quality factor (Q) of ring...Read more
Australian Silicon Photonics and Luceda Photonics join forces to integrate IPKISS with REME, a 3D propagation Eigenmode solver. Go to our overview article to learn more on how Smart Physical Simulation models assure reliable and accurate design work.Read more
Learn how IPKISS and the CST studio suite deliver a superior solution for integrating photonic layout, physical and circuit simulation. Play the webcast to learn the capabilities of our partner product. Click here to get accessRead more
A TURNKEY SERVICE FOR PASSIVE SILICON PHOTONIC DEVICE PROTOTYPING In collaboration with the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) , RMIT introduces a a passive silicon photonic device prototyping service f or Australian researchers and industry . - Compatible with the quasi-standard...Read more


Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries