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The mask submission deadline is Friday 31 st August 2018. The design rules for CORNERSTONE multi project wafer (MPW) run 8 on the 220 nm Si / 2 µm BOX SOI platform have been announced. We will offer 2 Si etch processes: 1) a shallow Si etch of 70 nm (grating couplers), and 2) a partial Si etch of...Read more
13 June 2018, Web Seminar by Mentor, A Siemens Business and Luceda Photonics. Avoid the hassle of having to combine PDKs from different vendors. We will show in this webinar with the example of AMF silicon photonics foundry, where we combine circuit level design and simulation, layout and device...Read more
FIOT-Lab is committed to building an IoT ecosystem in China and offers the IPKISS software as part of its one-stop solution “The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is really booming, and it is great to see a reputable organization like FIOT-LAB taking up responsibility for coordinating access to...Read more
In this eSeminar, presented by CST, you will learn about the complete workflow to analyze thermally tuned PIC devices. It starts from a smart component model in Luceda Photonics IPKISS integrated with the CST STUDIO SUITE®. Click here to learn more.Read more
Interesting article on the use of Python in photonics, by Jochen Schröder, Senior Researcher at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Photonics Laboratory. The Luceda founders, Joris Geessels, Pierre Wahl and Pieter Dumon are mentioned in the article. Click here to download a copy of...Read more
Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) is a spin-off of Institute of Microelectronics (IME) Singapore that can provide fabrication service for both active and passive silicon photonic devices. The PDK allows the layout of custom components and circuits in the 220nm platform provided by AMF. A devices library...Read more


Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries