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SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco Feb-3 2019 Designers that use SMART Photonics technology will now benefit from a flow that starts from a graphical photonic integrated circuit design and system simulation environment which seamlessly couples to Python scripted layout and design capabilities for...Read more
Luceda is now part of the JePPIX partner framework. If you're interested in InP based integrated photonics we are providing a PDK for the SmartPhotonics FAB . Avoid the hassle of having to combine PDKs from different vendors. Circuit level design and simulation, layout and device CAD are enabled...Read more
November 12th 2018 - Luceda releases the new Filter Toolbox - AWG designer 1.2 We have customized the AWG designer for major PDKs: AMF, TowerJazz, Ligentec, imec ISSIP50G and imec Biopix. So that you can tape out with confidence. Expanded waveguides are now supported out-of-the-box so that you can...Read more
Singapore and Dendermonde, Belgium, 9 November 2018 Photonic IC technology is maturing and designers need process design kits as the foundation of their design flow. Process design kits facilitate knowledge transfer between foundries and designers on layout and simulation models. The PDK allows the...Read more
November 7th 2018, Santa Clara, CA, USA Go to TGS to exchange information on the latest solutions for next-generation ICs: 5G/IoT, optical networking, automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, and aerospace & defense applications. TowerJazz will introduce the PH18 PDK for IPKISS. The PDK will...Read more
Learn from the Pro's: An E-seminar organized by 4Catalyzer, CST and Luceda. You will learn how to optimize a grating coupler and how to thermally tune and model a ring resonator based filter. IPKISS and CST play a key role in obtaining the right results Click here to watchRead more


Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries