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Luceda Photonics is bringing your team closer together with the new IPKISS 3.4 release. Luceda designs software for integrated photonics design teams and the IPKISS integrated photonics design platform helps to continuously improve your design flow. IPKISS is the ideal platform to persist your team...Read more
We are very proud to announce the launch of Luceda Academy, an online hub where you will find the necessary resources to improve your designing skills using all the tools in the Luceda ecosystem . Are you completely new to photonics? Check out our getting started tutorials and design your first...Read more
By VPI Photonics and Luceda Read the whitepaper and learn from the 2 design examples: - a design example of a widely tunable laser based on the PDK for an InP-based PIC foundry process by SMART Photonics. - a design example of an integrated optical buffer based on the PDK for a SiN-based PIC...Read more
Visit Luceda as of June 22nd Take a first step and register for the Job market Consult our career pageRead more
We will present in the PIC Pilot Lines section as well as the PIC International section. How is photonics design automation (PDA) adapting to the needs of the maturing market of integrated photonics? In this presentation we illustrate which pitfalls to avoid when setting up a design flow, and how...Read more
The EDA -world has discovered the advantages of IP-centric design over project-centric design ages ago. Project-centric design basically designs in silos. In the end, all projects within a company end up using their own set of IP-blocks. Improvements only live within a unique project making reuse,...Read more


Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries