Design and software partners

Mentor, A Siemens company

IPKISS.eda and the Mentor Graphics Tanner design suite integrate to bring to market a comprehensive integrated PIC design flow.



Dassault Systèmes Solution Partner

IPKISS integrates tightly with the CST STUDIO SUITE® to link photonic layout, physical and circuit simulation.

VPI Photonics

We cooperate with VPIphotonics to develop means for automated export of photonic circuit designs from VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits to IPKISS for layout design and mask generation.



Australian Silicon Photonics - RMIT

Australian Silicon Photonics provides significant plugins for the IPKISS framework including direct interfaces (and PDKs) for a range of electron beam lithography tools, automated characterisation tools and a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation suite REME. REME is integrated in the IPKISS design flow.



Lumerical FDTD / Luceda IPKISS Interoperability

Lumerical and Luceda partner to offer a fully integrated Python-based component design flow including component layout, virtual fabrication, physical simulation.

More on Lumercial FDTD



China-Fuzhou IoT Lab - FIOT-LAB

FIOT-LAB is dedicated to pioneering IoT global industry standards, “state-of-the-art” testing and certification, and nurturing IoT talents. FIOT-Lab is poised to become the most advanced leading Open Lab for new innovative technologies and IoT product development and “one-stop” solutions to meet market needs.

FIOT-LAB offers the IPKISS products as part of its one-stop IoT solution.

Commercial Contact




Luceda is the only integrated photonics Design & IP partner in the imec IC-link program.



Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries