IPKISS best coding practices from Martin Fiers

Writing great code with IPKISS

As a software company, we spend a considerable amount of time reviewing code of our colleagues. Code review -in short- means reading / testing the code that a colleague has written, giving comments, waiting for the code to be updated, reviewing again, etc. This iterative process is a great way of improving the overall quality of our codebase (quality in terms of bugs, readability, etc).

Over the years of writing a lot of Python code (and more specifically, IPKISS code) , we became more and more aligned on what we consider 'good code'. As a result, our review cycles became shorter, our code more readable, and so on.

Having a series of rules on how to write code really helps. This is not only true for me, in the role as developer, but also for our support staff, and certainly true for designers in other companies using our software. Click Here for the full story

Starting from our extensive validated component library, we can assist you in the creation and validation of new model libraries